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Operation process of vacuum laminator

Operation process of vacuum laminator
According to the "new vacuum laminating machine manufacturing industry" and substitute the evaluation system and the quantitative index system, and deduces the accurate prediction of Chinese vacuum laminating machine manufacturing industry development from a new perspective. On this basis, a comprehensive study of the administrative division of China and four metropolitan vacuum equipment manufacturing industry development.
Vacuum laminating machine definition:
A vacuum laminator is a device for producing, improving, and maintaining a vacuum, a vacuum application device, and a vacuum acquisition device. Vacuum coating machine, vacuum treatment of products, improve product processing (production) equipment.
How to operate vacuum laminating machine correctly:
1. before going to work, check whether the pressing device and the rotating parts are in good order or not. 2. clean the dust and trash in the workbench.
3. prepare the required product pad (6-8 mm smaller than the workpiece) and other necessary materials.
4. check and adjust temperature and schedule setting according to film thickness.
5., more than one Taiwan processing, according to the thickness of the processing plate put the appropriate distance (usually 3-4 times the thickness of the plate).
6. before starting the heating cover, see whether the press frame is locked, whether or not the object is on the guide rail and whether or not the hand is left.
7 during the working process of the machine, is prohibited around the machine stand, but are not allowed to hand on the rail and equipment, prevent the machine automatically returned to the heating cover.
8. no heating cover is placed on the product and other objects.
9. immediately switch off the power supply and notify the supervisor when the machine is found to be out of order.
10. do not disassemble the safety cover and other protective articles.
11. the operator shall not leave the machine during the work.
12. turn off the power when the work is finished
Operation process of vacuum laminator
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