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What's the performance of the wooden transfer machine?
The multifunctional forming door wood transfer equipment has changed the traditional mode of transfer, transfer technology is simple, mainly used to transfer grain the whole door body, but also can transfer plate embossed plate transfer, three transfer functions, mainly used for the anti-theft door. Steel doors. Steel door. Fire doors. Aluminum door stainless steel. Door. Gates. Transfer grain Aluminum Alloy profile.Pvc decorative board, after the use of each year can give you the indirect Chuangxiao hundreds of thousands of yuan. The use of multi-function door molding transfer machine does not need to glue, do not need to play hair, do not need to release paper, do not need to wash, do not degumming, do not need to play bright oil, 8-10 minutes out of a door.
Wooden transfer machine equipment, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure. Not only is suitable for forming the door frame after the heat transfer, and also to transfer grain Aluminum Alloy profile veneer and embossing plate, wood grain transfer PVC decorative board and other materials, equipment is carefully designed to increase two-way function, greatly improving the production efficiency, reduce production cost, and make full use of energy. Users get the praise. Fully automatic control equipment operating procedures, easy to learn, easy to operate, transfer does not need glue, double the design improves the power as heat transfer speed, stable quality, less people, does not occupy the advantages of spraying production line, so as to increase the production capacity of enterprises, reduce the cost of production, is the best the equipment industry and other high-end products need to heat transfer products.
1. efficient and advanced. The spray after embossing door or door. And the whole PVC decorative plate tile transfer paper into the device, 2-5 minutes after the successful transfer, exit the transfer paper off automatically, to finish, wood clear, do not need to do other processing.
2., energy saving and convenient. This machine makes the patent design completely eliminates the traditional backward production technology, spray after the door surface processing only one step can be completed, eliminating the previous roughening, coating, coating, paper cutting, paper, washing into oven, drying, grinding, spray varnish and other complex procedures, saves a lot of manpower material and time.
3. environmentally friendly low-carbon. This equipment can also be used for single board transfer by 2 workers can be skilled operation, the average daily "8 hours" at least 240 pieces of veneer door production, the whole door 50 fan, and the process is easy and simple, environmentally friendly zero emission.
4. high quality and practical. The products produced by this equipment are superior in quality and excellent in actual operation, especially in some details, which are superior to the traditional ones and are suitable for deep drawing.
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